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Canary Breeder Set Up

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Italian style canary breeding cages - Canary Breeding Supplies

Canary Breeding Cages

Shop Glamorous Gouldians for the best canary supplies. This canary breeder set up is great for breeding your beautiful canaries. The box style keeps most of the mess inside the cage for easier maintenance

Technical Details:

  • Each Breeders Dimensions: 40" wide x 16" high x 13" deep
  • White Powder Coated
  • Bar Spacing: 0.5"
  • Stand measures 40" length x 13 3/4" height x 13" depth
  • Total Height: 78"

Product Features

  • Clear Canary Feed dishes 4 per cage(16)
  • 2 Nestbox Doors
  • Vertical bars
  • Slide-out grill & tray
  • 4 plastic perches per cage
  • 2 dividers, 1 solid & 1 wire
  • Stackable with or without the stand
  • Metal side and back wall for breeding privacy

Good for:

  • Canary, Finches
  • Parakeets, Lovebirds and Parrotlets

    • Please note there is No water tubes included on this set and the seed cups are clear not the blue ones in the picture. We do sell those and green ones too :)

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      1101 canary breeder.Product Info-Canary Breeder C4016 Canary Breeder Set Up
      Canary Breeder Set - cages 40"x16"x13" with a total height of 78", comes with 4 clear feeder cups & 4 perches each cage. Set includes 4 cages and stand.
Italian style canary breeding cages.Italian style canary breeding cages - Canary Breeding Supplies